Tackle Sickle Cell with the McCourty Twins

https://youtu.be/1h5HM21YhKU Jason and Devin McCourty hosted their 4th annual Tackle Sickle Cell 5k run/walk while talking smack and taking pictures with supporters. It didn't matter if you had any relation to Sickle Cell,  the central focus was to have a good time while raising awareness for a disease that it not highly publicized. "Its an... Continue Reading →

Night of Comedy with Rashad Jennings

  https://youtu.be/nUjwhlP_TC8   Rashad Jennings was a self-described short, chubby, overweight kid, who wore glasses had asthma and a 0.6 GPA at one point in time. No that is not a typo, his GPA was zero point six. Not to mention, he was the 5th string running back on his high school team.  His only... Continue Reading →

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