Tackle Sickle Cell with the McCourty Twins

Jason and Devin McCourty hosted their 4th annual Tackle Sickle Cell 5k run/walk while talking smack and taking pictures with supporters.

It didn’t matter if you had any relation to Sickle Cell,  the central focus was to have a good time while raising awareness for a disease that it not highly publicized.

“Its an awesome experience.  We see some of the same families each and every year; seeing the kids grow up and still having great lives.” -Devin McCourty

Sickle cell is important to the McCourty’s, Jason (Tennessee Titans) and Devin (New England Patriots), because it is prevalent in their family.

“For Devin and myself it’s a disease that’s been in our family.  Our father had the trait,  we have an aunt who suffers dearly from the disease. She’s now 66-years-old and she’s going through a lot of going through a lot of ailments, but she’s still surviving she’s still fighting it.” – Jason McCourty

After the race, there was food, fun and more importantly a bouncy house! Kids played carnival style games to lead up an award ceremony that of course was loaded with ab-forming jokes.

Leading up to the event, the twins had a bet going to see who’s team can raise the most money.  The winner picks the losers Halloween costume.

“Jason’s not used to winning.” -Devin McCourty






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